About Us

RonDao’s Grilled Chicken & Salad Is A Family Restaurant¬† Owned and Operated By Louie & Gina Rondao

Louie Rondao comes from a Portuguese family with a long history of restaurants and
bakeries both in Portugal and Guine Bissau, West Africa (a Portuguese colony) where
Louie was born and as a baby learned to crawl a sleep behind food counters.

In 1974 after an overthrow of government and political turmoil they were forced
to leave Africa and basically run for their lives back to Portugal which was
extremely unstable. In 1977 after a long process of sponsorship they were able
to realize their dream and immigrate to the US where they had support from family
already residing in Bridgeport, Connecticut which is where they settled.

Although his parents never did regain their restaurant ambitions, they settled
for normal jobs, Louie soon started working in restaurants at the age of 12, until
he bought his first restaurant in 1990, Sergios Pizza on Madison. Within 4 years
he bought 2 more, Peter Pan Pizza in Stratford and Peter Pan Pizza of Milford.
Within this time frame Gina also a Portuguese immigrant, came along and joined in.
Louie often jokes that he hired Gina but couldn’t fire her because he owed her
money so he decided to marry her.

In 2001 they decided to move their ambitions and start a family in Florida and
sold all of their restaurants. They bought the Seafood Center & Crab House
Restaurant which was a legend in Fort Myers, it had been in existence for many years
originally started by Emery and Liz Lewis, who sold it in the 90′s. In 2001 the
Seafood Center was doing good volume but was still in the red every year.

When the Rondao’s family bought it they decided to try to make the Seafood Center
prosper again, but after running it for 9 months of hardship they had no choice
but to put an end to the legendary restaurant and try a different concept.

RonDao’s was born and it has prospered through the years with basically word of mouth,
perseverance and always attention to quality.

It has been over 10 years now since Ron Dao’s started and although they have grown in so
many ways they still operate their restaurants with a lot of heart and genuine care for
their customers and aim to always satisfy.

It is typical to see Gina operating the front of the house while Louie remains mostly
in the back of the house. It is also very typical to see their kids Isabella and Antonio
running around the restaurant, sometimes even sitting with customers that they have
gotten to know them so well.

When you patronize RonDao’s rest assure they are here for the long run, as a family
run restaurant to keep growing, and making friends for many years to come and to treat
you as family and watch your kids grow.

They instill in their employees the values of always treating people with great service
and respect and when they fail to do just that, they must make it up to them.

Any time you come to RonDao’s you must expect great service and great food.


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